What is cheap and expensive in Costa Rica?

No everything is expensive in Costa Rica

A lot is usually said about how expensive Costa Rica is. That's why I decided to create this post to list some things that you might get surprise are really cheap here. Am also list some things that are indeed expensive so you try to watch out in case you travel with a sensitive budget.

Cheap things in Costa Rica:

  • SIM Cards for Mobile Phones with internet: Only 2USD even with internet. I recommend you Claro operator since can also be used in all Central America.
  • Public transportation in buses (short and long distances).
  • Uber (Only Available in San Jose, Heredia, Alajuela and Cartago).
  • Fruits in farmers market.
  • Movies at the cinemas are cheap. Usually just like 5 or 6 USD per person. Even cheaper on Wednesday where you even get 2x1 special offers.
  • Salon Services, dental services, language classes.
  • Apartment renting is usually really affordable.

Expensive things in Costa Rica:

  • Touristic attractions (tours, surf lessons, language lessons, etc)
  • Shuttles/taxis
  • Restaurants
  • Most supermarkets except Palí and Mas x Menos
  • Hotels