Land of Turtles, is a village on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the Limón Province


Tortuguero is one of the main tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Its main attraction lies in being one of the most important beaches of green turtle nesting in the Caribbean region. This phenomenon occurs between the months of June to October, where thousands of turtles come to the beach at night to spawn, constituting a fascinating natural spectacle. To observe it is necessary to hire a tour, since during these months only access to the beach is allowed with authorized guides, with the aim of guaranteeing the protection of the turtles. Another reason to visit this small Caribbean town is to get lost in the canals of the National Park. A boat or kayak tour through the jungle, taking in the sounds of nature, where you can see hundreds of species of birds, as well as sloths, monkeys, caimans, iguanas and even Jaguars if you get lucky. Access to the community can only be done by boat or plane. That is another of the charms of this picturesque town, which has no traffic, so you can stroll quietly through the streets forgetting cars and noise.