Content Writing for Fantastic Costa Rica

Hello, thanks for showing interest in writing your own personal original experiences in Costa Rica in blog posts for this website. The intention of this section is to describe briefly the different aspects related to writing content for Fantastic Costa Rica's blog.

Posts Content

What can I write about? That might be your first question and the answer is easy. You can write about anything related to positive travelling and living experiences in Costa Rica. The following is a list of topics you can use to find some inspiration:

  • You can write about any trip you did anywhere in Costa Rica like a weekend trip in Tamarindo, a hike in Corcovado, a rafting tour on a Sunday in Sarapiquí or a festival you attended in Uvita.
  • You can also write reflexions of experiences like what is cool about living in San José or an experience volunteering at a farm
  • You can even write about general tips while travelling in Costa Rica as a Backpacker or how to learn to use the local buses or about your favorites places for 7 days trip or about food in Costa Rica.

In general you can write about anything as long is related to travelling or living in Costa Rica and is something positive ;)

Specifications and good practices

  • Think of a cool title for the post.
  • Remember all blog posts should have an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. This to open and close the content of your story.
  • Also remember the post should follow a logic sequence. It should have a proper structure with different ideas linked properly. It should be easy to read and understand by someone who is planning to visit Costa Rica.
  • The preferable minimum length of the post is 500 words but it could be shorter if you want to make a special post with your top 10 favorite food of Costa Rica for example. The maximum is expected to be around 1500 words. If you think your post will be more than 1500 maybe is better you ask first and we can think if is appropiate to make a different post.
  • Please include pictures in the post and add captions to them. Captions are some text below the pictures to give a bit of context of the photo. Please remember to only include your own pictures. Do not add pictures downloaded from internet. I rather have few or no picture than downloaded generic pictures from internet.
  • Please send the photos separately from the document so I can have them in good resolution.
  • You can send the post via email, word document or any format you want. If you send more than one post please send one email per post.
  • Please if you mention bus terminals just mention the name of the terminal. Do not mention the bus price, schedule o address since this might change over time. I will link the bus terminal to the proper terminal profile page where more details info can be found.

Payout Structure

To keep it flexible it will be paid 10 Colones (CRC) for each word of the post. This website will be used to count the words and define the payment. So, for example, a post of 800 words would be 8000 CRC and a post of 1200 words will be 12000 CRC.


You can also translate your own articles or other articles to any other language you speak (except spanish). For translating it will be paid 5 Colones for each word. So if you write an article of 8000 words you would get the 8000 colones. But if you want to translate it to German, French or any other language you can get 4000 colones extra for this translation. You just would need to send both articles with the same pictures. If you want to translate someone else's article that is also great. Same 5 colones per word is applied. The translated articles will be credited to the original writer but a note crediting your translation will be added. NOTE: You must first submit the english post for it to be reviewed before translating it to any language.


The posts and pictures you send will be property of Fantastic Costa Rica but all pictures and content you provide will be properly credited to you. We can even add your email or website in case some reader wants to be in contact with you. If you want to write for us please just send the post to

If you have any feedback about this section, the website in general or want to contribute in any other form please don't hesitate to let me know.